Product Review: Nonni's Soft-Baked Tusconi

Being a fan of Nonni's Biscotti, I was delighted to see this new product on the market stands - Nonni's Soft Baked Tusconi. Of course, I grabbed the Double Cioccolato (Double Chocolate) variety instead of the Classico (for some reason I always tend to gravitate towards the worst or unhealthiest kind).

I was eager to eat breakfast and try my new find the next morning. Well... I wasn't very thrilled with it. Let's just say it was not "love at first bite". Here are my thoughts:

What I liked:

  • It was individually wrapped.
  • Low calorie. Sort of. 160 a pop.
  • Ribbons of dark chocolate on it. Yummy.
  • The flavor was good. It wasn't fantastic or stellar, just OK.
What I didn't like:
  • The fact that it was soft - almost like a brownie.
  • High fructose corn syrup content. Whatever happened to good, old fashioned sugar? Sure, it has honey on the list of ingredients, but it was listed towards the end after Maltitol Syrup (whatever that is. Quick reminder, the ingredients on the package labels are listed from the highest to lowest content).
  • The almonds were thin slivers. If I had braces, I would have a hard time with it.
  • I couldn't dip it on my coffee like I sometimes do with my biscotti. :-(
The verdict:

Nonni's Tusconi is good with coffee, if you are looking for a chewy brownie-type breakfast. However, I would say that Nonni's Biscotti is still the better product. I like the crunch and texture that the harder biscotti offers. I might consider the tusconi for dessert, though it isn't that sweet. Would I recommend it? Not really. Would I eat it again? Not when my good old biscotti is around.


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