Critters Around Us!

As Spring comes and vegetation starts to turn green again, so many critters are coming out of hibernation! Some of them, we really don't mind having. But others are just downright scary! I am so glad our dog is a fierce hunter and protector!

A few weeks ago, we saw a rather deep burrow out where the horses' stables are. We were kinda' worried thinking that snakes might be nesting in there, until I saw this fellow hide in the hole. Mystery solved! It was this turtle who made our yard (or at least a part of it) his home!

By the way, this turtle is NOT slow. I was trying to inch closer to get a better shot, but he darted into his hole faster than I can aim my camera at him!

This snake was killed by our dog a few days ago. You can tell that it is a poisonous coral snake (rather than the non-venomous milk snake with the same color markings) because of the pattern of the color. Remember the rhyme "Red and yellow will kill a fellow. Red and black - friend of Jack." To refresh your memory, read this post from several years ago.

It is pretty nerve-wracking to find a snake in your yard, much more a poisonous one. I am always scared for my dog's life. But I have to remember that this is what God made her to be - a hunter. She is just using her God-given skills and abilities. I should be thankful instead that our dog is there to protect us.

Here she is, resting in the shade. When she is not patrolling the yard, she is usually lounging around or barking at trucks that go by our street. ;-)

This squirrel is just happily munching on a leaf. Yep, we verified - it was a leaf. This picture was taken in the park - not in our yard. Squirrels don't stand a chance with our dog around.

Hubby took this picture of a swan by the lake. Here in the US, animals are protected, and so they created a special barricade of sorts for this swan that recently laid eggs. I see this every morning on my way to work, but couldn't take pictures as I was always driving. Good thing hubby did it for me!

I am so glad spring is here! I can't wait for my plants to grow again!

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