Creation Critters with Mr. Ron Yeater

Mr. Ron Yeater

I had the chance to meet and talk to Mr. Ron Yeater up close and personal today during his visit to our church activity . He is a regular speaker in our weekly Chapel in school, and he is also an animal lover. He brought some of his "exotic" animals to our summer program in Church, and the kids just loved it.

What I liked most about it is how Mr. Yeater told the kids that all animals, even the weirdest-looking or the most exotic ones are created by God and each and every one of them is special.

Mr. Yeater and his 2-year old gator (notice the gator's taped mouth)

He brought a milk snake which scared me at first because I thought it was a coral snake, but he quickly let us know the difference - the non-venomous milk snake has black alternating bands, while the deadly coral snake has yellow alternating ones. After getting home and reading more about it, I found this rhyme that would help me remember which snakes to avoid - "Red next to yellow will kill a fellow, red next to black venom lack."

Milk Snake and Coral Snake

Should you wonder why I am keen on learning about snakes, it is because I know for a fact that we have a black racer snake lurking in our garden, which is fine by me since these snakes are non-venomous and helps control the rodent/frog/insect population in that area. Once I was walking in our garden and noticed a black hose on the ground (which made me wonder since most of our hoses are green), but the "hose" slithered away before I had the chance to grab it (thank goodness!). Son also saw some snake skin shedding by our barn so I am hoping that it belongs to our snake friend and not from some other venomous type.

I spy a snake skin by the barn

Going back to Creation Critters, here are some of the animals that he brought (all of them are non-venomous, though):

Bearded Dragon

Albino Hedgehog

Hairless Rat

Spotted Gecko

At the end of the day, everything happens for a reason. Go
d knew what he was doing when he gave the turtle a hard shell, or the hedgehog its prickly spines. Weird as they might seem, these critters are all loved by God, so we should take care of them.

Mr. Yeater and his python

Visit Mr. Yeater's site at

And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good. -Genesis 1:31

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devil_under_light said...

I know the hairless rat may seem uncute for others but I think I lavet! (= Uii nice rhyme by the way! Nag-sink in sakin. Though I'd still keep away from snakes in general just to make sure. haha. cheers!

J said...

devil under light, you look familiar... saang school ka grad?

devil_under_light said...

Trinity University of Asia po.

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