Duncan Grapefruit

We have a Duncan Grapefruit tree in our backyard, and it is very faithful in giving us an abundance of succulent fruits. I say "faithful" because we don't really go to great lengths to care for it (like we do our other plants) - not because we "love" it less, but because from the very start, it showed a lot of resilience.

We'll be ready in a few weeks!
Our grapefruit tree survived many cold nights, harsh weather conditions, greedy critters (birds, raccoons, foxes, name it!), and other forces of nature. It is still standing to this day, and is one of my favorite trees.

Duncan is not a popular variety of grapefruit, but is the oldest and most widely-cultivated in Florida. The flesh is a bit pale, but the taste is considered to be one of the best grapefruit varieties. Some texts I read called it a pomelo, but it is an entirely different fruit. Both are from the same citrus family, though, with one being the hybrid of another (can't remember which, exactly). 
Lone yellow fruit on the top!
Our grapefruit tree bears fruits all year round, but I noticed that the fruits are always better-tasting (and better-looking, bigger, and juicier) during the winter season. We have had a couple of harvests this year, and those that we didn't pick, we let the birds enjoy. (Cows love them too!)


rome said...

I remember our kahel back in Palawan near the "balon" at our backyard. bears sweet fruit also during it's season. Dun daw ako pinaglihi. ahahaha

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