Product Review: Nonni's Biscotti Turtle Pecan

I am in denial. I keep telling myself that I don't like caramel, but I find myself eating (and enjoying) a lot of products with caramel. For instance, I cannot resist Twix bars, DeMet's Turtles, and I am certainly loving this new Turtle Pecan biscotti from Nonni's.

While son sticks with the tried and tested Cioccolati flavor, I love branching out and trying new variants. Out of all that I have tried, I think I like this Turtle Pecan the best. Read on to know why.

What I liked: 

- Individually wrapped, Nonni's style. I like it that way -it kinda' tells you that the product is always fresh.
- The thick layer of milk chocolate on the bottom in always a plus.
- The chewy caramel chunks in the cookie. Ooooh, it is just delish! 
- Only 110 calories per serving. Yipee!

See the circled part? That's the yummy caramel!

What I didn't like: 

- Hard to find! Unlike the "Originali" and "Cioccolati" variety which are always in the aisles.
- A bit pricey. About $4 for a 6-pack. (But I got mine on BOGO so yay!!!)

The Verdict:

It's really hard not to love this product. It is absolutely delicious and very well-balanced - not overly sweet and not bland at all. Just the light, perfect yumminess that would go well with your morning joe. And 110 calories a piece! My (supposedly) healthy cereal has 160 calories with FAT-FREE milk! I would gladly indulge on that sumptuous biscotti! So yes, this product is highly recommended. And I would buy it again - if they put it on sale (or if I have a coupon). 


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