Restaurant Review: Smashburger

This burger joint is actually a hidden gem. We went to the Newark Airport branch, had a taste of Smashburger, and were blown away. The taste is not what you would categorize as “airport food.”

Smashburger, as the name implies, smashes the burgers. I don’t know how, since the burger arrived to me in a perfectly un-smashed condition. I can tell it was pretty good because I saw one of their employees eating their own fares for lunch. As hubby said, if he has been around their food that long and still doesn’t think it’s disgusting, chances are, it must be pretty good.

I tried the Garlic Swiss Mushroom Burger variety (with additional grilled onions) and here is my ten cents worth:

What I liked:

The patties were still juicy and very tasty – even though they said it was smashed.
Good quality beef. You can tell by how it tastes.
The bun is buttery and toasted. So delicious.
Big portion – good enough for two people (we ordered the double smashburger – extra patty!).
Good swiss cheese. Stringy and tasty.

What I didn’t like:

I wish there were more mushrooms. After all, it was a Mushroom Burger!
By golly, their Southern Sweet Tea sure was sweet. It almost gave me a headache. (This might be a plus for some people)
No mayo. Not that it needed it – the taste was more than enough. I just wanted some. I guess I could have asked for mayo packets.

The Verdict:

Smashburger was really very good. It was money well spent. Large portions, very flavorful, and the polite crew was an added bonus too. So yes, I definitely recommend it. And yes, I will eat there again – if we are in the New Jersey area. Or if they open a franchise in Florida! 


anney said...

Ganyan kakapal ang patty na gusto ko pag umoorder ng burger. Kadalasan gusto ko double patty. Mukhang masarap nga yang burger na yan!

[pinkc00kies] said...

yummm.. craving for burger now!

peachkins said...

Sana meron dito nyang Smashburger para ma-try din..

Pag-i-smash ko kaya lahat ng burgers dito?? LOL!

rome said...

wooottt! like like!

Ezra from Protech Hospitality Fitouts said...

Yes, I do also think that it is a hidden gem because I haven't seen that restaurant before. Restaurant renovations Sydney

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