We're Going to Disney!

So I was watching America's Funniest Videos last week and they showed some clips of kids' reactions when their parents told them that they were gonna go to Disney. Some of them squealed and screamed with delight, some did crazy (but funny) things, and some even cried. 

I was amazed at these kids' reactions, and then I realized that they probably live somewhere far (read: not in Florida or California) where Disney is a plane ride away.

So I turned to son and said, "Son, we're going to Disney tomorrow." And the response I got was "Ok. Can I wear my monkey shirt?" No hoopla or fanfare. Just asked if he can wear his monkey shirt.

Really, we are so blessed to be living in Florida, where we can just hop in our car and go to Disney (and its gajillion resorts/theme parks), Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Sea World, Legoland, and whatever park you can think of. 

So true to my word, we did go to Disney the next day to mark the end of our Spring Break. It was fun, and we enjoyed it.

Here are some pics that we took, mostly of the "Dreams Come True" parade. Just click for larger images.

The banner carried by Disney cast members (yes, they call all their employees "casts"), with Pluto and Chip (or was it Dale?)

No Disney parade will be complete without Mickey and Minnie! (Aaaarghh, the Mickey Mouse March keeps playing in my head!)

Snow White and The Prince. Did you know that his name is Prince Ferdinand? Yeah - I never saw that coming too. Anyway, talk about square-jawed. Works for him, though.

Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio. Now you better not drink what's in that keg, or you'll turn into a donkey like what happened to poor Pinocchio!

 John Worthington Foulfellow was trying to trick us like he did Pinocchio!

Disney Dancers. They danced and sang all throughout the parade. Some of them were sweating like crazy that I almost wanted to offer them a drink!

 Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl looked like she was digging for gold! ;-)

 Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen. This was the first time I saw them included in a float.

 Goofy (in his dazzling purple tux, nonetheless!), Chip and Dale, Donald Duck.

 Cinderella and Prince Charming. He blew me a kiss. Eat your heart out! ;-)

Cinderella's Fairy Godmother. If you are ready to drop some serious moola, come to her Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. For only $189, she will make you look like any princess you fancy!

They were my favorites in the parade! That sneer never left Lady Tremaine's face - even while dancing! Anastasia and Drizella were also in character the whole time! In fact, there were popcorn on the ground and Anastasia kept pointing at them and motioning for Cinderella to pick them up! Hilarious!

Beauty and the Beast.

I really couldn't tell what Ariel was doing here... but Prince Eric seemed to be in-sync with her! 

Is Disney cost-cutting? Why are these characters sharing a float? Peter Pan, Wendy, Alice and the Mad Hatter.

Captain Hook, Tweedledum, Mr. Smee and the White Rabbit. Another hodge podge of characters.

 The Queen of Hearts. She got sooo close to us!

Mary Poppins and Bert. It's a jolly holiday with Mary!

Aladdin trying to show off his flying skills. (Good luck with that!)

 The genie, of course!

 We were giving Jafar thumbs down signs when he was passing by, so he gave us the stare down!

This was NOT from the parade. This was from the Hall of Presidents. I was impressed at the animatronics.

These were from the Magic Kingdom park. As mentioned above, Disney has a gajillion parks here in Florida. You can't really finish one in a day. My favorite is Epcot. Maybe someday I'll post some of our Epcot pics!


peachkins said...

Nice photos! I'm sure your son enjoyed it.

Gio of The Hungry Giant said...

Wow, in full force yung disney characters! When we went to HK disneyland, I could only remember the Toy Story cast, and the rest were bees and other happy-looking insects. hahaha!

J said...

Gio, that was actually one of the "saddest" (for lack of a better term) Disney parades I have seen. It was mid-afternoon kasi (3pm). Their later parades are better.

Funny, but I actually enjoyed HK Disney parade more. I remember seeing those green toy soldiers... they were my favorites.

Rome said...

mas marasmi disney characters jan kesa sa kilala mo sila lahat! wow, ikaw na ang disney baby!

J said...

@Rome: Hindi, Regal baby ako! Chos! Kidding aside, I am a pre-school teacher, remember? Kaya kailangan kilalanin ko talaga ang mga karakter na yan!

anney said...

Hay buti pa kayo kapitbahay nyo lang ang Disney World! Kami lagi na lang Enchanted Kingdom at kung walang pera sa perya lang kami. hahaha! Yung camera nga pala na gamit ko e Canon 550D. ang adalas kong gamitin na lens e yung 50mm

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