Our chicks don't look like chicks anymore. In fact, they are starting to look like chickens! They even cluck like chickens! Kinda' sad because my "babies" are now "tweeners".

Quite the funambulist, no?
They still have a long way to go before egg-laying, though. Not sure what we're gonna do with our rooster... if we decide to keep him, we should build a separate pen for him. Otherwise, we are gonna have more chicks! We actually want eggs to eat!

"So... did you hear about Clucky from down the road?"

They are very active now. They love catching insects, and running around. They are soooo funny to watch.  

Can you think of a funny caption for this picture? :-)


Boy Takaw said...

I remembered my pet named Chicky when I was four. It has grown so big that one day I woke up in the smell of tinola :(

Tin | The Average Jane said...

How about "Do I cross the Road?" =D

Rome said...

"Mommy,limme play outside...please?"

peachkins said...

Di ko pa nasubukan mag-alaga ng chicken. Parang exciting nga pag angitlog na sila.

1 kilo of lechon is P350 -500 depende kung saan ka bibili

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