Yep, this is a real place. It is actually Boogertown Road, somewhere in Sevierville, Tennessee. We were there for short vacation, and one of the highlights of our trip is taking a picture of that sign. My brother-in-law had to stop the car long enough for me to get a clear picture. (Thanks, A!)

Now, before you start making assumptions, Boogertown is not about boogers. Well... it is, but in a different kind. According to my brother-in-law, the road is named after ghosts or "boogers", a term used in the 19th century. I would want to think that the word "booger" is the pre-cursor of the term "boogeyman" we use nowadays. :-)

Let me tell you, I love Tennessee... the snow, the tourist traps (haha), the beautiful mountains... but I don't think I would be comfortable driving there. The winding roads made me carsick (we stayed in a house on top of a mountain) and I always had to have a sucker to keep me from throwing up. But please, don't let me hinder you from visiting. Everything is gorgeous, from the quaint candy kitchen shops, to the big "dinner and show" buildings. There is always something to do there.

In our case, we threw snowballs at each other! :-)


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