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Superbowl Strawberries

My sister-in-law made these cute Super Bowl strawberries. They really look scrumptious... i can almost taste the delicious chocolate that contrasts with the tart fruit... mmmmm! In case you are wondering why I said "almost taste", it is because my sister-in-law and her family lives hundreds of miles from us. So all I can do is to stare at the picture of these gorgeous strawberries... 
Oh, and she provided instructions on how to make them! So enjoy!

 What you need:

semi-sweet chocolate morsels
white chocolate

What to do:

Wash strawberries and let dry.

Melt  semi-sweet chocolate on a double boiler. Using the tops of the strawberries as handles, dip them one by one in the melted chocolate. Place on parchment or wax paper and refrigerate for a few minutes to harden.

Meanwhile, melt some white chocolate and place them on a piping bag with a thin round tip. Remove strawberries from the fridge and pipe the football lines on the top. Return to the fridge to harden for a few minutes.

Tips, Tricks and Tweaks:

1. No double boiler? Your good ole' microwave will do!
2. Use a resealable bag and cut one corner as a piping bag if you don't have one. 
3. Having a hard time working with the chocolate? Add a little bit of canola oil (about a teaspoon or so). It would make the chocolate a bit thinner and easier to work with.


Marjorie Gavan said...

Wow they look so cute! Strawberry plus chocolate is a fab combination.

Rome Diwa said...

cute! gusto ko gumawa ng ganyan sa valentines..hmmm

J said...

@Rome: Yes, dali! Super easy!

@Marjorie: Perfect for valentine's day! I mean super bowl! :-)

peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

wow! ang cute lang!

J said...

Thanks Peachkins!

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