Product Review: Land O' Lakes Triple Chocolate

The first time I saw this product, the words that caught my eyes were "Brimming With Chocolatey Flakes." That is enough to make a chocoholic like me drool. The picture is so enticing, too - the cup of hot chocolate looks like it is glowing and magical. I couldn't wait to try it.

For my optimum drinking pleasure, I used milk instead of hot water. Oh, it was a delight! So creamy! AND - there really were chocolatey flakes. Yes, they delivered on that. It was so thick, rich and delicious. I had to stir constantly as it thickened so fast. It was just pure hot chocolately goodness.

Only problem - I put a lot of it in my milk and it became almost too sweet. I suggest not to follow the instructions at the back and tweak it according to your personal "sweetness threshold." By doing so, you could also get more from the package instead of just the "10 glorious servings" indicated on the front. Trust me, you would want this to last a looooong time.


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