"Clean Out the Fridge" Omelet

The name of the recipe might sound weird, but hubby managed to whip up a delicious concoction while "cleaning out the fridge." By using whatever available produce in the chill chest, he not only created something very healthy, but saved me money and time I should have spent sorting out our fridge.

What you need:

2 eggs
a sprig of parsley
1 slice of cooked ham, cut into small pieces
1/4 cup of shredded cheddar cheese
1 clove of garlic, finely chopped
half a vine-ripened tomato
dash of salt and pepper
dollop of sour cream
pat of butter, or non-stick cooking spray

What to do:

Put out the eggs, set aside. Wash and chop the ingredients. After doing so, crack the eggs in a bowl and beat. Add some salt and pepper, and continue beating until thoroughly mixed.

Lube up your skillet by using non-stick cooking spray, or a pat of butter. Put over medium heat and pour eggs in the skillet. Add in the garlic. Wait until the eggs firm up. Using a spatula, lift around the edges to test firmness. As it begins to firm, throw in the rest of the ingredients, spreading it out evenly.

When the omelet reaches right firmness and it is cooked through, do a three-corner fold. Let stay for around 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Take out of the heat and slide in a serving plate. Garnish with desired toppings (in this case, tomato and sour cream).

Tips, Tricks and Tweaks:

1. Bringing eggs to room temperature creates emulsion. You can do this by letting it sit out a few minutes prior to cooking, or by submerging it in lukewarm water.
2. Use mild-flavored ham, such as boiled ham from the deli. Strong-flavored ham will overpower the taste of the egg.
3. You can use other cheese such as mozzarella or feta. Other ingredients such as mushrooms, bacon, or chorizo would be good as well.
4. For fluffier eggs, you can add a bit of milk. But lower your cooking temperature.
5. Tomatoes can sometimes be runny, so we used it as a garnish. Salsa or guacamole could also be superb with it.


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