Product Review: Simply Cookies

There is probably no other product most befitting of the name "Simply." This cookie is a no fuss, no frill, pure fun treat! No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. "Simply" brought me back to the time when my grandma us
ed to bake cookies from scratch using only the freshest and finest ingredients - only, my grandma's kitchen didn't smell as good as mine did when I baked these cookies.

Preparation is a whiz too - just break, put on baking sheet, stick in the oven and it is ready in minutes! I was suspecting that eating would take longer cause I would want to savor all the morsels of goodness. Yum!

Simply cookies are available in two flavors - peanut butter and chocolate chip. I tried the chocolate chip and loved it. I only wish there were bigger chunks of those chocolates.

Perfect with milk. Pun aside, it is "Simply" delicious.


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