Banana-Chocolate Smoothie

I noticed that I haven't posted a drink recipe, so I am posting my favorite quick fix - Banana Chocolate Smoothie.

What you need:

1 banana
6 ice cubes
1/3 cup of milk
3 tbsp. of Nesquik
1 tbsp. of Karo syrup

What to do:

Cut banana into thin slices and drop in your blender. Add in the rest of the ingredients. Pulse around 4 times (5 seconds per pulse), making sure that the ice cubes are being crushed. When all ice cubes are crushed, blend for 10 seconds, or until all the ingredients are well distributed.

Pour in your favorite glass and enjoy!

Tips, Tricks and Tweaks:

1. Add or subtract from the number of ice cubes, depending on your preference.
2. You can use sweetened condensed milk, but skip the Karo syrup.
3. If Karo syrup is not available, substitute with honey or sugar.
4. Try Milo or Ovaltine instead of Nesquick for a deeper malt taste.


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