45-Second Dessert

Inspired by Sandra Lee's "Semi-Home Made" cooking, son and I decided to make a dessert that would be easy enough for him to create, and would satisfy our sweet tooth in the shortest time possible.

After rummaging through the fridge, this is what we came up with - the 45-second dessert.

What you need:

Brownie Bites

Chocolate Whipped Dip
Fresh Raspberries

What to do:

Wash raspberries and set aside. Spoon some whipped dip into a ziploc bag, seal tight and cut a small piece at one of the end corners where the dip will come out. (Voila - instant piping bag!)

Squeeze ziploc bag and "frost" the top of the Brownie Bit
e whichever way you want. Top with raspberries.

Amazingly, easy and fast as it was to make, devouring it was even faster!

Tips, Tricks and Tweaks:

1. You can substitute the raspberry with any fruit such as blueberry or strawberry.
2. We used store-bought brownies, but you can bake your own and slice it round or square.

3. Buttercream topping would taste good, too!
4. Put on top of ice cream for a more decadent dessert.
5. Drizzle with chocolate or strawberry syrup for an extra kick.

Son made his using crushed chocolate/mint cookie toppings. It took a bit longer though, as he had to crush the cookies, but it tasted superb as well!


Anonymous said...

Simple and easy.
Eto at yong porkchop lang kaya ko e try hehe.

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