Fire Truck Cookies

One of our homeroom mommies made these Fire Truck Cookies for the kids. They ate it after our visit to the fire station. :-)

What you need:
  • graham crackers
  • cream-filled cookies (Oreo or any other brand)
  • gum drops
  • Twizzler candies
  • vanilla frosting
  • red food coloring

What to do:

Cut one edge of the graham cracker to make it seem like the front of a truck. Tint the frosting red, the deeper the better. 

Frost one side of the crackers and place two cream-filled cookies on the bottom like tires, then the Twizzlers like a ladder (sorry, my ladder rungs fell out) and the gum drops to form a light. Set aside for a few minutes for the frosting to harden and the candies to stick. Enjoy!

Tips, Tricks and Tweaks:

1. You can also use black shoestring licorice candies for the ladders.
2. Be as creative as you can be!

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