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Saturday Morning Espresso

Oh Saturday - you are special for a number of reasons: we get to sleep in, eat breakfast without rushing, and best of all, enjoy our french press coffee.

Not that we don't enjoy drip coffee - it's a fast and great alternative, especially on weekday mornings when we don't have the luxury of time. But the french press, although more labor intensive, remains our favorite as it yields a more robust and full flavored cup o' joe. The lack of a paper filter, the fresh grind of the coffee beans, and the aromatic oils extracted from a long steep, are just some of the differences that make this so much better than most other brewing methods.         

It is very good, especially the few last sips, when you can actually feel the fine coffee grounds in your tongue, and taste the essential oils. 

A word of warning, though. I have read that consuming too much french press coffee elevates the level of an amino acid in the bloodstream, which has been associated with increased risk of heart disease. But if you're a once-a-week drinker like us, I think you'd be fine.

So for now... I'll take one last long, slow sip... savoring the taste before I swallow... and begin counting down the time until the next brew.

Come to momma, cup o' joe!


♥peachkins♥ said...

ang sarap naman....yung coffee press ni alvin di ko na namin makita....

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