Ice Cream Cake

This was my mother-in-law's cake last Mother's Day. It was from Baskin-Robbins, and it was called "Delectable Designer Bag Cake." Aptly named, because it was delectable indeed!

 This was a made-to-order cake, and you can find several designs at the Baskin-Robbins website. You get to choose which cake and ice cream flavor you want. My mother-in-law's cake was devil's foodcake and the ice cream was Gold Medal Ribbon. You can also choose between blue or pink frosting. 

Cross-section of the cake

I remember eating the same "purse" for Mother's Day last year, but the handles back then were made of Twizzlers (which son devoured eagerly). This year, it was made of plastic which they coated with icing. Oh well. I still think it was cute. The dots were white chocolate drops. I think I plucked about 3 of them before even cutting the cake. ;-)

Price depends on the size. This cake was good for 8 people, and it was around $20 - $24. 


peachkins said...

huhuhu..wala na yatang baskin robbins dito....inggit ako..

anney said...

Cute naman! sarap din syempre!

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