Fall Fever

What a beautiful Fall day! I woke up to a nice 50°F and it was gorgeous! Ok, maybe that was a tad cool for us Floridians, but still gorgeous! The weather warmed up as the day went on, and even at mid-noon, the breeze was still cool. I wish it was like this EVERYDAY.

I decided to bake some muffins (from a box, of course) and decorate it with some Fall cupcake toppers. I also used some Fall-themed cupcake liners to complete the look. (By the way, those were chocolate chip muffins).

Here are some pictures that son took from our backyard:

Click on the image to see the beautiful insect on the leaf

Yes, that is a tomato!

Happy Fall, y'all!


peachkins said...

wow! ako din feel ko ang "Fall".. huhuhu..Feel lang kasi wala namang Fall dito...

P.S. the Food Styling Class was FREE in exchange daw of the "mention" ..ssshhhh.

Guia Obsum said...

The toppers add a nice touch. Yummy choco chips! :)

rome said...

hangganda naman ng tomato. Masarap yan pag marami sa pritong galunggong

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