Butterfly Season

This is a Zebra Longwing butterfly. It is, by far, the hardest to stalk! It probably took me two weeks before I got some decent pictures of this beautiful insect. But I can always trust my Cosmos flowers to attract the  butterflies. 

I have noticed that most of the butterflies I see in our yard are somewhat in the yellow family. I always see the Cloudless Sulfur butterfly but I don't even bother to attempt taking a snap of it as it wouldn't stay put! However, hubby got lucky as he was taking random pictures of my Cosmos.  And of course, the Passion Butterfly is a perennial favorite.  

I have only seen this butterfly once in our yard, and I was lucky that it stayed long enough for me to run in the house and grab my camera. It is a Giant Swallowtail butterfly. Beautiful as it is from that angle, the underside is even prettier.

Peacock Flower (I thought it was the flower of our Chocolate Mimosa!)
Funny how Florida seasons differ from almost every other state in the country. It is now mid-Fall but flowers are still blooming. Our trees are still green, and they would start changing colors by January (when the rest of the country is coming out of winter). I don't mind, though. I love Florida weather (except when it gets really, really hot that it burns your hands just to touch the steering wheel of the car). 

Weather is getting cooler, though. In the Philippines, this usually marks the start of Christmas season. It is one of my favorite holidays as it is the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I am missing Philippine Christmas so much that I made Parol (lantern) cards.

Have a great day!!!


anney said...

Kung di mo binilugan yung isa di ko makikita ang butterfly at kakulay ng bulaklak!hehehe! Ang cute namn ng christmas card mo! pinoy na pinoy!

rome said...

ayy ang gaganda naman nyan paru parong bukid! Ako yang kulay yellow.


octodog - epopost ko next. failed kasi, supposedly ghost hotdog naging octopus ahahaha!

peachkins said...

Nice clicks!
...and nice Christmas cards... ang ganda ng pagkagawa ng parol.

Anonymous said...

Hi...I am helping with Christmas around the world for 4th - 6th graders and I think this would be a great craft for the kids to do for the Phillipines. Could you tell me what you used for the card? Thank you so much :)

J said...

Hello Anonymous! Leave another comment with your email address (I won't publish it!) and I will email you the answers to your questions!

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