Date Fruit

Dates were on sale at our local grocery store. And I am using the term "on sale" rather loosely. The package you see was about $6. On sale. Still a bit too steep for conscious buyers like me. But then again, considering the fact that this is just something we buy every once in a while, I guess it was OK.

The word "date" came from "daktulos," the Greek word for finger. It is because of the fruit's elongated shape. There are three major group of dates - soft, semi-dry, and dry. The variety we got (Medjool) is soft. It is very sweet - in fact, you'd think it was processed in sugar. On the contrary, there is no added sugar in this product.

Dates must be one of the oldest fruits ever. It is mentioned several times in the Bible, and has a lot of medicinal properties. 

It is just amazing to realize that modern-day people are enjoying one of the fruits that Jesus Himself, and the people in His times ate. How cool is that?


Aarthi said...

love this always

peachkins said...

I love this... specially wrapped in bacon and filled with a little cream cheese...

..ako na ang hindi marunong mag-diet, hay!

anney said...

Ayan na! Sinabi na ng kapatid ko ang sasabihin ko! hahaha!

Kid said...

D pako nakatikim nyan, wla kasing ganyan dito? ehehe. Sana me mabubuting loob magpadala :P

Anyways, salamat sa info. Finger pala meaning nyaah.


Rome Diwa said...

I love dates naman with any cheese, sana mag sale din dito.

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