French Macarons and A Cappuccino Mousse Cup

I have been searching for French Macarons for quite some time now, but apparently, there are no French bakeries in our sleepy little town. I considered ordering online, but since macarons are made of egg whites and are quite fragile, I suspected they wouldn't travel good. 

Well, who would have thought that I could find them at Whole Foods market?! Sadly, their macarons are so tiny - not like the medium-sized ones I am used to having. I still gave them a try, but at $1.20 apiece, I just bought my two favorite flavors - lemon and chocolate. They were good, but there was something in them that I couldn't put my finger on... maybe wheat germ or something organic like the stuff that Whole Foods sell? Not quite sure.

The cup is the best part!
Then there was the Chocolate Cappuccino Mousse Cup. It was $2.50 for a small treat, but worth every penny. The cup itself was dark chocolate, and it was filled with delicious mousse. I had to fight off hubby for a bite. ;-)

By the way, hubby said that the macarons reminded him of pretty patties. What do you think?

Spongebob's Pretty Patties! Photo Credit


Aarthi said...

Yummy Dish...I am gonna make it soon..Bookmarked it..


Tin | The Average Jane said...

Wow! That looks so cute. I would probably have just stared at it for hours first before eating it. Heheh! =)

anney said...

Gusto ko mag try mag bake ng macarons matagal na. Wala pa lang akong makitang ground almonds dito.Pwede din siguro i blender para madurog no? mahal namn kasi ng almonds dito!

wendy said...

the capuccino mousse cup - nakakaguilty!

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