Buff Orpingtons

The chicks @ 3 days old
 Meet the newest members of our family - 10 Buff Orpington chicks. We chose this breed because we read that they are docile and calm. Which makes me wonder if these chicks are  really Orpingtons.

These girls are rambunctious! At 7 days old, they are already testing their wings. We placed them in a bigger box and they played in it like it was a ramp! One actually managed to finagle herself out of the box. They are so funny, and can literally entertain you for hours! What's bothering me is that they "play-fight" a lot. Sort of like cock fighting - you know... chest bumping while jumping in mid-air. I worry that they would get hurt.

In a few months, we hope to harvest some fresh eggs (crossing my fingers that we got all pullets). But for now, we are content at just watching them grow. I guess it's official - we are now farmers. :-)

Do you have any tips on how to raise chickens? I would appreciate them!


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