Don't Count the Chickens...

Yes, I know we're not supposed to count the chickens before they're hatched. But in our case, we are counting the eggs! 

Since the chicks are still too young for us to be able to definitely tell their gender, we had to always guess based on what we read online. And so with this in mind, we THINK that we have 9 females and 1 male. Not a bad ratio, right? Especially since we bought them for egg production. However, it just dawned on us that at their peaks, these female chicks could lay an egg a day! So 9 X 7days = 63. Sixty three eggs a week. That's over 3,000 eggs a year!  What are we gonna do with that many eggs?!?! But that scenario could be just in a perfect setting. Some hens might not lay eggs, or we might have more roosters after all. Who knows?

"Hey sisters, check out the view on the other side!"

Anyway, the chicks are now 3 weeks old, and although they are not as cute anymore (they are starting to look like chickens now!), they are still as funny and entertaining! They are definitely more active, and it is so hilarious when they run around in their (bigger!) place. They also "chest-bump" in mid-air, which makes me nervous. They are very curious and would peck just about anything!

Chest-bumping while other siblings watch in anticipation!

We can't wait to build a coop so they could have a real place of their own!

I better start lining up "egg" recipes... flan, quiche, deviled eggs... yummy! 


anney said...

Ang cute namn ng mga alaga nyo! Talaga nag che-chest bump sila? nagpapalakihan siguro ng boobs. hihihi!

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