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Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno

This is my take on 4Rivers' delicious appetizer that hubby loves (and craves EVERYDAY!). It was so easy to make - only took me a few minutes to make them. And even a shorter time to eat them all up.

Since there were just 3 of us, I just used about 6 pieces of jalapenos. I should have known better and bought a lot. We will definitely make more of these in the future!

What you need:

6 pieces Jalapeno peppers
1/2 block (4 oz) of cream cheese, softened
1/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese
6 pieces of bacon

What to do:

Preheat oven to 375°F. 

Wash the jalapenos and cut them in half lengthwise. Using a paring knife, remove the seeds from the jalapenos carefully. Set aside.

Combine the softened cream cheese and the cheddar cheese. Make sure the cheddar is distributed evenly.

Slice the bacon strips in half (you only need about half a strip for each jalapeno). Set aside. Scoop about half a tablespoon of the cheese mixture into the jalapeno. Gently press so you fill in the nooks and crannies! Wrap the jalapeno by rolling a bacon strip around it. Continue doing this process until you use up all your ingredients.

Place the wrapped jalapenos on a metal rack and bake for about 20 minutes. Enjoy!

Tips, Tricks and Tweaks:

1. Want more heat? Don't remove all the seeds of the jalapeno.
2. Be careful - those seeds are hot! Always wear protective covering (like gloves) and avoid touching your face after handling seeds!
3. If you want more bacon, use a single strip for each half of jalapeno. Just add a bit more cooking time so the bacon would cook through.
4. When buying fresh jalapenos for this recipe, choose the bigger ones so you get more of the filling! However, you can still get the small ones for those one-bite jalapenos! ;-) 


Gita Asuncion said...

This looks good! I think I will try this. Kakayanin ko siguro ito. ;) Ill use finger sili nga lang. Baka jalapenos might be too hot for me to handle. ;)

peachkins said...

I am a sucker for bacon fat!!! love this!

J said...

@Doc Gita: Hindi po maanghang pag inalis na ang seeds. Lasang bell pepper lang. Baka mas maanghang pa po ang finger chili. Saka ang liit nun, baka konti lang cream cheese ang mailagay nyo.

@Peach: Naku, asawa ko din siya halos umubos niyan hehe.

Dennis Glorioso said...

One word J....YUMMY!!!!!

anney said...

Gusto ko nyan! papagawa ko kay sis! hehe! Parang jalapeno poppers kaya lang fried yun diba saka wala yata bacon.

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