Our First Eggs!

Find the golf ball!
One of our pullets is finally a mom hen!

I saw these two eggs which were sandwiching the golf ball, and I gave out a little squeal of delight. It really was egg-citing. Hahaha.

For those of you wondering why there are golf balls in the nesting boxes, it is to train them to lay eggs in that spot. We were also hoping that it would stimulate them to start laying early, and I guess it did work. Buff Orpingtons are supposed to lay around 20 weeks, but one of our girls laid at 17 weeks. 

Look how small they seem in hubby's hand!

Surprisingly, the first egg was not jelly-like (as some "first" eggs are due to the lack of calcium in the pullets' diet). I think it is because they get a bit of sand every time they peck from the ground.

I am eagerly waiting for the other pullets to lay! Time to line up my egg recipes! 

P.S. Did you know that unwashed chicken eggs will stay fresh for up to a month without refrigeration? It is because of a natural substance called the "bloom" which coats the egg shells and prevents bacteria from getting into these shells. Market-sold eggs typically have been washed and their blooms removed, hence you need to refrigerate it.

So yes, those two little eggs in the picture have not been washed and are sitting in our kitchen counter waiting to be eaten. ;-)


anney said...

Huwawwwwww may supply na ng itlog di na kailangan bumili. hehe! Si Cyvrine pinaputulan ng maldita nyang ina ng buhok kasi inaway ni sis. Dun nya binaling yung galit nya kay sis sa pagpapagupit ng buhok nung 2 kong niece. Bad kasi yung evil mom nila e! Tsinika ko daw talaga! heheh!

J said...

Yes, pero 2 pa lang sa 9 na manok namin ang nangingitlog! Wait pa namin yung iba hehe.

Naku, kawawa naman si Cyrvine. Ipagdasal na lang natin ang mommy nya para bumait!

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