Chicken Updates

Time for some chicken updates! As of today, we think we have 5 layers. It is very exciting to go to the coop to collect eggs! These chickens are hilarious - watching them is so much fun! There's really never a dull moment in the ranch!

These hawks are always flying around. Makes me nervous, actually. I am afraid they would swoop down and snatch one of the chickens!

Funny picture taken by hubby. It looks like the chicken wants to be in the frame!

The ladder provides them with exercise and entertainment! In this picture, she's showing everyone who's "top chick."

This is how they get up in the morning. They make a beeline for the door and start the day!


anney said...

Ang cute namn ng mga alaga nyo! Di camera shy yung isa o!

Dennis Glorioso said...

J...sarap sabawan ng mga native na manok na kagaya nito. hehehehe. lalo na ngayon na naguulan dito sa Pinas....tinola o sinampalukan ay ayos na ayos. hehehehe.

J said...

@Anney: Oo, di talaga camera-shy yang mga yan! Tinutuka pa nga yung strap ng camera eh hehe.

@Kuya Dennis: Alaga po namin yan. Di ko yata maatim kainin! Hehe.

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