Smiling Apples

Thanks to my friend Peachkins for this cute inspiration! I told son that we were gonna make smiling apples with marshmallows and peanut butter but he had a different idea - he wanted caramel instead!

So I put a little twist in my smiling apples and used caramel butterscotch topping and it turned out extremely good. Well, maybe just a bit sticky and hard to eat since the darn marshmallows kept sliding! I am thinking that had I used real caramel instead of  syrup, it would have better in keeping the marshmallows from sliding. But I didn't want to buy caramel just for an afternoon snack. I would save that for when we make caramel apples again.  

Oh, and here is a link for Peachkin's cute creations!

What you need:

1 apple
about a cup of marshmallows (regular-sized)
squirts of caramel or butterscotch topping

What to do:

Wash the apple and dry with paper towels. Slice in thin wedges.

Place a wedge of apple on your plate, then squirt a small amount of butterscotch syrup on the side facing you. Immediately line marshmallows on top of the syrup.

Get another wedge of apple and put butterscotch syrup on the bottom side. Place it on top of the marshmallows to resemble a smile.

Continue doing procedure until you run out of ingredients (or patience!).

Tips, Tricks and Tweaks:

1. I used Red Delicious apples because the color resembles human lips. Feel free to use any kind!
2. To avoid apple discoloration, squeeze some fresh lime or lemon juice on them.
3. Use real caramel or peanut butter to make the marshmallows stick.

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anney said...

Si sis nagkamali ng bili ng apples kasi maputla nabili nya. hehehe! Sabi ko kulayan na lang nya sa photoshop. lol! Si Ykaie umubos ng ginawa nyang ganyan!

peachkins said...

great job with the smiling apple!I wished I used apple na ganyan ka-red! I'm glad you enjoyed making it...

Rome said...

How I missed blog hopping, been very busy with my workload, haist.

your smiling apples have a pearly white teeth. But nah, I wouldn't think I could eat it, I told peachy it scared me, yikes!

Happy Halloween!

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J said...

@Anney: ok lang, yung berde nga sana ang gagamitin ko eh.

@Peach: Yes, I enjoyed it! Thanks for the inspiration!

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