Eggstravaganza 2011

Egg-shaped Easter candies!
As an Easter game, my mother-in-law hid 45 plastic Easter eggs in the backyard and sent us on a hunt. To spruce things up, she put a number inside each egg, and assigned three winning numbers. That way, it won't be just a mad dash for eggs and/or whoever gets the most wins. It was so much fun, and we enjoyed every minute of it. 

Easter eggs symbolize new life, a rebirth, just as Jesus rose from the dead after three days. It is so sad that the meaning of these eggs has been drowned by commercialism and other capitalist ventures. 

These eggs (below), by the way, are turkey eggs. A friend of mine gave them to me since they don't eat turkey eggs. I didn't too, until now. I wondered why we don't see a lot of turkey eggs for public consumption, and I found out that since turkeys only lay eggs every so often, their eggs are used to produce more turkeys. I guess there is a greater demand for turkey meat than eggs.

I noticed that the shell and membrane of the turkey egg is significantly harder to crack (in fact, I had to poke the membrane just to get the egg out). The yolk seemed to be twice as big as a regular chicken egg. They taste kinda' the same, but turkey egg has more flavor. It also has three times the amount of cholesterol found in a chicken egg. 

I love how turkey eggs look. They are spotted, which somewhat reminded me of quail or finch eggs. I almost didn't want to break them. The other eggs in the crate are from chickens. By the way, did you know that you don't need to refrigerate farm fresh eggs? Cool huh.

Happy Easter!

"I am the resurrection and the life." - John 11:25


anney said...

Ay! Mas ma cholesterol pala yan. Mahilig ako sa boiled egg pero 4 minutes ko lang pinapakuluan kasi gusto ko malasado. Yan nga kanina almusal ko. heehee!

peachkins said...

Si ykaie tsaka si ate puro egg ang almusal...

I wonder what those turkey egg taste like?

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