Ducks on a Tree

Ducks on a tree. Preposterous! 

The first time hubby told me he saw ducks on our tree, I just dismissed it and thought he might have seen a bird that resembles a duck. After all, ducks on a tree sounded ridiculous, right? (Sort of like snakes on a plane - but that's another topic!). But when hubby hurriedly dragged me (camera in tow) out of the house one morning, I was stunned beyond disbelief (and mildly amused) because there were INDEED ducks on our tree!

On a side note, let me tell you that the "woodpecker-tenants" of that tree were making atrocious sounds and that ruckus attracted the attention of my husband. Apparently, they were not very happy about these uninvited guests. ;-)

So I took several shots (while chuckling) and reined in my dog while she tried to scare the poop out of the misunderstood poor ducks.

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Research told me that "ducks in a tree" are not uncommon at all. These ducks are called Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks, and are very fond of perching on trees, hence earning the nickname "Tree Ducks." They are very beautiful - with their reddish bills and brown plumage. I was kinda' sad to see them go (I bet the woodpeckers were very happy, though!)

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I want to end this post with this video from Sesame Street Classic. I couldn't help but sing this after that tree duck episode. Do you remember this skit?



peachkins said...

ang taray ng mga ducks... LOL!

poling m. said...

interesting... sana may ganyan din dito hehe...

anney said...

kaya pala nila umakyat ng ganung kataas!

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