My carving skills aren't that great. :-(

Another cute and whimsical idea I got from a magazine. It is called a "cupple", from the words cup and apple. Such a great craft for kids, I am sure they will love t.

No waste too! I used the flesh of the apple to make the juice. ;-)

This is from the November 2011 issue of Disney Family Fun magazine.

What you need:

1 apple
1 calamansi 
2 tablespoon cranberry juice
1 cinnamon stick

What to do:  

Slice off the top of an apple. Hollow it with a melon baller or spoon, leaving 1/4-inch thick walls around. To prevent browning, drizzle the apple's edge with calamansi juice. 

Meanwhile, put the flesh of the apple in a blender and blend until it turns to liquid. Add cranberry juice and blend for about 5 seconds (just to mix things up). Pour into the cupple and garnish with cinnamon stick.

Tips, Tricks and Tweaks: 

1. Substitute cranberry juice with seltzer water for an extra kick.
2. Lemon or lime would work if calamansi is not available.
3. Be very careful when hollowing the apple - you don't want to scratch the surface as the juice would leak!


Anonymous said...

i think you're on your way with your carving skills. and the mix is pretty versatile so i'm already imagining variations (ie spiking it) hahahaha! cheers! - gio

Guia Obsum said...

Oh this is so cute and innovative! :)

AdamAlexMommy (Jasmine) said...

this is so awesome and festive-looking. i have to try this! love your blog! following, and hope to be back!


rome said...

ayy bongga! ganda naman nyan. magaya nga sa summer. bookmarked!

peachkins said...

ang cute!!ni-try ko din yan... hindi rin ako marunong mag-carve..LOL!

anney said...

Sige ako na din gayahin ko! hahaha! Mga manggagaya!

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