Funny Sign, and the Owl

I just had to take a picture of this sign when I saw it.

Unfortunately, I didn't see any iguanas crossing. 

On a side note, the hooting sound from outside my window is driving me nuts. I think it is a Horned Owl, but I can't be so sure since I can't find it. I always hear it at night, and I wonder if my dog is bothered by the sound too. I mean, it just goes on the whoooole night. I am so tempted to go out with my camera and search for the owl, but the mosquitoes would probably eat me alive. Oh well. The bright side is, with the owl in our yard, there would be less critters around. 


peachkins said...

I don't like iguanas...

anney said...

Malay mo one of these days e lumipad sa bintana mo mismo ang owl na yan para ma picturan mo ng close up. hehe!

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