Product Review: Cinnabon Bites

life doesn't... but your new product does!

I just discovered that Cinnabon launched a product called "Cinnabon Bites". They are bite-sized versions of Cinnabon's Classic and Pecan Rolls, served in an easy to handle, portable sleeve. Even smaller than the Minibons. After sampling the Cinnabon Bites Caramel Pecanbon variety, here are my thoughts.

What I liked:

-They are small, so you can snack on just one or two pieces without mutilating the whole roll.
- Reasonably priced. A 6-piece pack costs $4.50 (give or take a few cents, depending on where you are buying). It is the same
price as one regular-sized Pecanbon.

What I didn't like:

- You can only buy it in a 6-piece pack. Boo!!!
- I felt that they skimped on the Makara Cinnamon and cream cheese frosting. There were still a good amount of pecans on top, but the cinnamon and frosting were pathetic. It actually tasted dry.

- One diminutive serving of the 6-piece pack has a whopping 510 calories. So if you eat all of the 6 pieces, it is a total of 3060 calories. (Okay, so maybe I shouldn't ask for more frosting...)

The Verdict:

While the Cinnabon Bites are cute and pe
rfect for some, I would much rather prefer the classic rolls, where they don't skimp and take short cuts on the ingredients. "Bigger is better" might not always be true, but in the case of my favorite brand of cinnamon rolls, it is.

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♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

I miss Cinnabon's chocobon and cinnabonstix!!

Marie said...

Just a heads up...the 510 calories is for the whole pack (i.e. all 6 mini cinnamon rolls), not for each single roll.

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