Sushiko Restaurant

This is probably the best appetizer I have had in a long time - Sushiko's Grilled Baby Octopus with Mango Sauce.

I was a bit skeptical to eat it at first, seeing that most of it were tentacles, but it was highly recommended so I took a bite... and fell in love. I trie
d very hard to figure out what they used to marinate the meat... probably soy sauce and something else... there was an undertone to it that made it so good. I also tasted a hint of sweetness (mirin, perhaps?) that complemented the savory kick that grilling brings. The dot of mango sauce was also a good addition to the dish. I just wish we had more.

Rainbow Roll

We ordered a Rainbow Roll, California Roll and S
ashimi. It was such a disappointment because we were expecting something spectacular after our delicious appetizer. What we got, however, were mediocre fares. We had such high hopes for this restaurant since it is in the city's Top 50 restaurants.


The Grilled Baby Octopus saved the day, though. I would come back to Sushiko just to get my hands on that dish again.


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