Review: Godiva Strawberry in Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar

The Godiva Chocolate Rewards Club has got to be one of the best clubs to be in. You get a lot of freebies, discounts, and you get to be the first to try their new products. Such as the Strawberry in Milk Chocolate truffle bar.

After sampling this product (launched around Valentine's Day), here are my thoughts: 

What I liked: 

- It has the rich and delicious chocolate that Godiva is known for.
- The truffle bar has the right amount of filling. When I bit into it, the filling didn't run down my finger (like some chocolates do).
- The strawberry filling had the right consistency - not too thick and not too thin.
- It was segmented! The bar has four segments, and each segment has its own filling. Originally, I thought the bar has fillings all through-out. That would have been a very messy eat.

What I didn't like: 

- The strawberry filling is sweet, but not in an overpowering way. I just would have wanted a bit more tanginess to it.
- One bar has 220 calories. Ouch!
- I wish it came in a dark chocolate variety.
- Kinda' pricey. It was $3 for a bar. 

The Verdict: 

I'm not really a fan of chocolate stuffed with anything - I prefer solid chocolate over fancy bonbons anytime. But I like the Strawberry in Milk Chocolate truffle bar by Godiva. It has a good blend of chocolate and strawberry filling, and the chocolate would just melt in your mouth. Nothing extra-ordinarily fantastic, but definitely worth trying. Would I recommend this to a friend? Of course. Would I buy it again? Yes. (It is still cheaper than chocolate-covered strawberries!)   


peachkins said...

Uy, mukhang masarap ah??

anney said...

Ay sana matikman ko din yan one of these days!

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