Worker Bee

A bee on my Wisteria flowers. 

I risked life and limb to take that picture. Those bees (there were more than one flying around) were HUGE - about as big as my thumb! After a couple of shots, the bee flew to my direction so I scampered away! ;-)


peachkins said...

takot yata ako sa malalaking bee.

anney said...

Ang ganda namn ng tanim mong wisteria. Ang ganda tingnan nyan pag marami sila nakakulumpon. Cute din ni bee!

rome said...

Iba din pala itsura ng bee jan, mas healthy hahaha, dito si jolliibee lang ang healthy. lol

The Cuisineuer

doggybloggy said...

it is a great shot - you done good.

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