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Peruvian Apple

This curious-looking oddity is a Pithaya, a fruit from several cactus species, and is more commonly known as a dragon fruit. Contrary to popular belief, this fruit is NOT from Southeast Asia, although they are also widely cultivated there. They are native to South America. The particular cactus we have, the same plant that gave us the Queen of the Night flower, bears the Peruvian Apple variety.

While I was doing research about the Queen of the Night flower, I learned that this certain type of cactus produces fruit, but I didn't think it was possible for our unsightly plant to get pollinated and produce fruits. But God works in mysterious ways, and I saw a red bump on the cactus one morning.

Before I ate it, I did A TON of research and picture comparison to see if it was indeed pithaya. But when I cut open the red fruit, I was certain - this was very similar to the dragon fruit that I used to eat, and so I gobbled
it up. Son had a taste too, much to my amusement. He liked it. I couldn't blame him - the fruit was so sweet and juicy.

It has crunchy seeds that give it a somewhat weird texture, and yet the juiciness of the white flesh makes it so... fruity. In terms of taste, it seems to be a cross between a melon and a kiwi.

I am excited to pick the rest of the fruits from the plant, but I have to wait till they are ripe. Passe but true - nothing beats fresh, pesticide-free fruits grown from your own backyard.

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests. -Luke 2:14


ching said...

wow. never knew of the Pithaya til now. :)

♥peachkins♥ said...

Ang taray, may tanim ka talaga...

BTW, sa landmark sa may Trinoma masarap mag-grocery..

Anonymous said...

When are they ready to be picked

Elizabeth Vega said...

how do you know when the fruit is ripenend theres some in my back yard

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