First Signs of Spring

 Although technically, the vernal equinox won't be till March 20th, I can't help but be happy upon seeing these blooming buds - the first signs of spring.

On a side note, we have planted two calamansi trees and one banana tree in the backyard. Can somebody say GREEN! ;-)

I know he looks sad right now - you would too if you just experienced frost!

I am so excited to have more fruit-bearing trees in our garden. It is such a joy to harvest fresh fruits (no pesticides or any chemicals!) from your own backyard. We thank the Lord for all the blessings everyday.

"...You shall rejoice in all the good things the Lod your God has given to you and your household." -Deuteronomy 26:11


♥peachkins♥ said...

hmmmmnn...sana marunong din ako maghalaman...

LHEY said...

Weeeeeeee!!!! "Green!"

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