Sister Schubert Hotdog Sandwich

I cooked hotdogs a few days ago, hoping to make sandwiches, only to find out that we are out of hotdog buns. Or any kind of bread for that matter. A quick look in the freezer showed that we have frozen bread - dinner yeast rolls to be precise. I had no choice but to use them. And I was glad I did!

It turned out to be delicious - I loved the buttery bread with the savory hotdog. I felt like I took my wiener sandwich to the next level!
And I thought Sister Schubert was a nun!
What you need:

Sister Schubert dinner rolls
cheddar cheese slices

What to do: 

Bake the rolls according to package direction - that includes putting a little pat of butter on top of the rolls before you bake them.
A little butter goes a long way!
Meanwhile, cook the hotdogs in boiling water for about 5 minutes. Let cool, then slice them in half crosswise, then lengthwise.

Spread some mayo and mustard on the baked rolls. Add the hotdogs and a slice of cheese. Garnish with pickle relish. Enjoy!

Tips, Tricks and Tweaks:

1. Use your favorite butter roll! 
2. Same with your condiments - add or subtract depending on your taste.
3. I used salted butter on top of the rolls. 
4. Make sure you always have butter in your fridge (NOT freezer) - it makes for easier cutting!


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