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Product Review: Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares with Caramel Latte Filling

Thanks to the holiday season, we had a slew of sweets and other yummy goodies to fill our stash (think: bear getting ready for hibernation). Homemade, store-bought, self-made - you name it. But this by far is our favorite - the Ghirardelli Squares Milk Chocolate with Caramel Latte Filling. Here are our observations:

What we liked:

- Perfect for coffee lovers. You begin to get the latte taste even before biting (the aroma and all... *sniff* *sniff*).
- The first few bites are glorious as the caramel latte filling bursts out.
- The chocolate is not as waxy as regular Ghirardelli square varieties.
- You finish with the smooth milk chocolate, yet a faint hint of latte lingers in your mouth.
- Good balance of chocolate and caramel latte flavor.
- One chocolate square is only 57.5 calories. Yeah!!!

      What we didn't like:

      - It seemed like fate has played a cruel joke on us since every other piece was "broken" and the filling had spilled. It kinda' ruined the balance.
      - Eating more than two is too much. Like the Law of Diminishing Returns - each one has less and less positive impact (by the time you have eaten 3 squares, you'd probably have had more than enough).
        Yummy, gooey goodness!

        The Verdict:

        Of all the Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares variety in the market, this is probably the best. The flavor is so rich and creamy, and it truly delivered on its promise of caramel latte taste. We suggest eating a whole square in one bite, though. If you take little bites or nibble on it, you might not get the same effect. So open your mouth wide, cram it in, break the delicious chocolate with your tongue (or teeth), and savor the yummy goodness. Would I recommend it to a friend? A big YES. Will I buy it again? You bet.

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