Snowman Cookies

The kids made Snowman Cookies to match our theme - Winter! Adorable, huh? And they taste good, too!

What you need: 

24 pieces sugar cookies
1 tub buttercream frosting
48 pieces red Lifesaver gummies
red and brown m&m's
about 2 cups of mini chocolate Kisses
Twizzler twist candies, separated

What to do:

Frost the sugar cookie with the buttercream frosting. Bend a Twizzler twist and put it on the top part of the "head" like a head band. Place a Lifesaver at both ends of the headband to make it look like ear muffs.

Use 2 orange m&m's for eyes, and a brown one for a nose. Form the mouth by placing small chocolate kisses on the bottom of the "face." Makes 24 snowman cookies.

Tips, Tricks and Tweaks:

1. Use any kind of candy! Size or color doesn't really matter.
2. Substitute sugar cookies with oatmeal cookies for lower fat.
3. Serve with milk!


anney said...

awww ang cute naman ng cookie na yan!

LHEY said...

Aaaaah every time I come here, lagi ako ginugutom.

Atsaka ano ba yan? Lagi ko nade-delete in accident ang mga comments mo. Lintsak kasi tong phone na to. Ang liit ng mga letra. Hahahaha!!!

Regine Velasquez? Waaaaaah, Compliment naman na malupit yan sis, thank you!!!! Pakopya ako ng mga recipes dito. Gusto ko kasi matuto mag-bake this year!

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