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Product Review: Dove "Unconditional Chocolate" Ice Cream

"Unconditional Chocolate" is probably the best ice cream from Dove that I have ever tried. I couldn't think of a name more apt for such a product. It is so good, you would have to exercise a great deal of self control to stop from eating. Seriously. Here are my thoughts:

What I liked:
  • Thick layer of ganache on top. Soooo inviting. I just want to peel off that whole layer of ganache and eat it like a cookie!
  • The chocolate ice cream is smooth, rich, and so creamy!
  • Decadent chocolate swirls under the ganache layer.
  • Chocolate chunks. Lots of them. You will get at least one chunk (but more likely 2 or 3) in every bite. I kid you not.
  • Although this flavor is chockful of chocolates, it is not overly sweet. There is actually a semi-sweet/dark chocolate undertone to it.

 What I didn't like:
  • Half a cup of this (overly delicious) ice cream has 300 calories. Oh, yeah. You will pay for something as delightful as this.
  • A serving would give you more than half (55%) of your daily value of saturated fat.   

The Verdict:

I really enjoyed Unconditional Chocolate immensely, and I am sure any chocoholic out there who tried this product would share the same sentiments. However, thinking of the nutritional value, it is safe to say that you should eat this treat sparingly, or double your gym time to burn off the extra calories. Apart from that, I couldn't say anything negative about the taste, as it was really divine (and on a personal note, it tasted like they broke up pieces of their Dove chocolate bars and put it in the ice cream). If you love chocolate, and if you love Dove, this is a must. Would I recommend this product to a friend? I think I just did. Would I buy this again? Yes, yes, yes.


Amber Lee said...

Daniel loves Dove ice cream!!

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