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Product Review: Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Chunk (Dark Chocolate Pecan)

I love Pepperidge Farm products because they are so yummy and perfectly baked. Prices are pretty steep, but Pepperidge Farm is a premium cookie brand, and they usually deliver on taste. However, I was disappointed with the Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Chunk Dark Chocolate Pecan. Perhaps I didn't read the label well, or I was just expecting something entirely different from what I had. But I didn't like it as much.

What I liked:

- The cookie itself was big.

- There were large dark chocolate chunks.
- You can definitely taste the pecans. Yes, they didn't skimp on that.

What I didn't like:

- It was crunchy! I would have loved a soft-baked variety.
- The taste wasn't very chocolatey... more of sugary. It reminded me of Snickerdoodles, though not that sweet.
- 140 calories per cookie. Boo!
- 8 grams of fat per serving? Ugh! The rest of the ingredients aren't something to be happy about, either.

The verdict:

I wasn't impressed with the Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Chunk Dark Chocolate Pecan. Sure, it had big chocolate chunks, but that was the only saving grace. The cookie, as a whole, lacked the deliciousness and "comfort" of soft-baked ones. Maybe I should have dunked it in milk to soften i
t. Or popped it in the microwave for a few seconds. Nothing special about it, except the brand. Would I recommend it to friend? I'd recommend other Pepperidge products first. Would I buy it again? Probably not.


rome said...

oh la lah! sarap!

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