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Product Review: Ritz Fudge Covered Crackers

Mother-in-law gave me a box of these Ritz Fudge Covered crackers from Nabisco. The first thing that I noticed were the words "Limited Edition." I had mixed emotions about it - why was it limited edition? Are they a
ny good? Would the chocolate clash with the buttery taste of the crackers? And so to satify my curiosity, I opened the box and took a bite!

It kinda' reminded me of Fibisco Choco Crunchies from the Philippines. But Choco Crunchies were sweeter, and the crackers were thicker. Ritz, on the other hand, used their traditional buttery/salty crackers and coated it with milk chocolate.

Fibisco's Choco Crunchies. Photo Credits:

What I liked:

  • Good balance of salty and sweet.
  • The crackers underneath the chocolate were light and crispy.
  • Only 160 calories for 4 pieces! Gimme more!!!
  • The chocolate was not overly sweet.

What I didn't like:
  • Milk chocolate. I would have liked it more if it was dark chocolate.
  • The chocolate coating was kinda' waxy. Sorry.
  • The word "fudge" was misleading. When I hear "fudge", the words "sweet", "creamy" and "rich" comes to mind. None of were in the Ritz crackers that I just tasted.

The Verdict:

Ritz Fudge Covered Crackers are a good snack, but nothing really wowed me. It made me think of Keebler Cookies Fudge Stripes. I mean they taste good, but nothing extra ordinary. Would I recommend it to a friend? Maybe... after all, it is "limited edition." (Probably off the shelves by now). Would I buy it again? I would give it another shot if they make a dark chocolate variety.


Newlyweds said...

love to try that... love ritz qith cheese filling.. parang combos but not that salty.. : )

rome said...

i remeber flat tops and choknut

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